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H5.0 Episode 20

This morning when i open my internet and saw the AAAAAAAAAA topics for the new H5.0 episode i said "wow what's that ?" Stupid to live in France i miss all the joys lol and i have to wait....
Gosh when i read the spoilers i scream and this gif on the ljs, the "i love you" gif and the smile, this wonderful smile, gosh after the klaine kiss on glee i thing my brain is going to fry.

I don't know if it's on the script or a Caan thing but it's wonderful.
I think "Hey welcome to the 21 century, where a guy can say i love you with his pretty arms... or kiss..." i love this world, when the writers take risks, know there are fandom waiting outside, pretty exciting, it's like a new world full of promises, don't take a step back, go on and let us enjoy those same sex romance or bromance.

i loved seeing that in SGA, gosh if John had do that to Rodney my heart could have been broken forever in joy.