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Bonjour !

Just to do a rain check and see how are you all !

So Lucas's health is a lot of better, we change all his medication and he's fine.
Amanda is going to be a pastry gook.
Thomas is looking for a job but for now he helps at the renovation of the house.
Lorena is just a beautiful angel who love to paint, make clothes, she sews like a boss.

Hubby and i are doing fine but i was sick and worried, for now we're good.

In my fandom life, i like to watch Vikings, the following, haven, teen wolf and some olds good ones.
I've just begin hannibal because keiramarcos said that it was awesome and i'm pretty agreeing.

How are you all ? 
mcshep forever

Michel and Xover community

 Hello, my beloved calls me and he's good, very good in fact, no more I.V and no more drains. he'll be released tomorrow if all goes well.

Hooooora ................ 

In a totally other subject  i searched if there is somewhere a lj where there 's only fics crossover between shows and (or) movies, i don't found one so i create this :
Never dream about a Sanctuary/Glee slash fic, a inception/NCIS gen fic...... this place is your. 
So i need a header, some friends to play, admins and modos, insane fics ....etc. 
I need promo to make this comm alive.

mcshep forever

Happy Christmas and family stuff

My family and i wish you a very happy Christmas.

My husband calls me and he's ok, ha had a good night and the nurses are going to take off the I.V. and one drain.

A very special thanks for you, supportive and caring friends.
Thanks, janedavitt wolfshark tarlanx ladyholder danceswithgary me_ya_ri bm_shipper comasisters ailurophile6 gblvr djaddict sp23 iloveatlantis sexycazzy bellalaine bluespirit_star berlinghoff79 hab318princess sinaida angels21k feather_touch neevebrody ewientje silver_cyanne pe1804 gyri lillyg timespirt mexta from_the_corner starry_diadem mella68 pe1804 witchy_kat keiramarcos my3scape alwaysn_4ever nikkiwhitecraft 

I hope I've forgotten anybody.

Thanks for the V gifts to timespirt  and outsideth3box 

mcshep forever


At first, thanks a lot for the comms in the post yesterday, thanks for the emails and messages, you're wonderful and i love you guys for that.
A photo of my beloved one, he know that you were and are supportive, he said thanks a lot.
He's tired, swollen by the operation and meds but had a nice day.

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