mcshep forever

Lucas update

I totally forgot to tell you that OYE OYE Lucas is in remission since 2 week ago, Doctor cleared him.
He's on boarding school since September and he's so well now.
First time in 12 years that we see the light.
Kid being a genius, jumped grades and classes and now currently 2 years before graduate and takes already one advanced medical classes.
His grades are fabulous, could do anything but want meds school, guess he wants to help like he was helped when he was so sick. 
mcshep forever

I'm not dead

We have a hell of a year with a lot of change
Multiple death in the family.
Lucas who was very unwell and forced to go to an boarding medical school.
A lot of choice to make and life running fast so i'm barely on Tumblr, Twitter and perhaps some more on AO3 or netflix and on Facebook.

I hope you are all doing fine and it's not because i'm not online that i don't think about you.