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17 août 2016 @ 23:41
President Lex and Clark Kent (Superman)

Totally inspired by danceswithgary clex list of links.

Dispo on my AO3 comments and kuddos are welcomed.


08 août 2016 @ 06:53

And thanks you for the birthday messages yesterday, you are fantastic.
I'm so proud of Loréna, you know that but today i'm just speechless, look what she did for my birthday.
Us, her and I, i'm in the back, she's front.
She's 12, i remember you that and draw since only a few week.

05 août 2016 @ 19:47
Can't wait, i'm so excited.

02 août 2016 @ 13:15
HE was so great, i missed him a lot.
His smile, eyes, mouth and this face.

More here.Réduire )
15 juillet 2016 @ 09:27
But that was closed.
We wanted to go to see the firework at Nice but didn't because my older daughter Amanda was working today.

After Cannes et Vallauris, Nice is a city where we love to go, it's such a beautiful place with the french riviera, the beach, the pretty hotels etc and we go to Nice at the hospital Lenval for Lucas each month.
We made friends there.
We love this city.

We are so shocked and sad.

Kids lost their lifes, entire families died.

This was a celebration day who ended in blood.

Thanks for the support and the nice messages sent to us.